Weight Loss - A Mindset Approach

Date of course: 08/01/19 at 18:00 -19:30 and 22/01/19 at 18:00 - 19:30 OR

09/01/19 at 11.00 - 12.30 and 23/01/19 at 11.00 - 12.30

Cost - £80 total

A two-session course + two phone calls (or one further session) for further discussion and motivation

n the past, when clients came to see me about weight loss, I worked on the premise that by lowering an individual’s stress levels, weight loss follows.  Scientific research still supports this theory: Cortisol, the stress hormone, is known to increase the appetite.  However, I wanted to offer more to my clients.  Having researched the topic in greater depth, some colleagues and I decided to offer a course focusing solely on weight loss and the successful mindset behind it, calling it: “Weight Loss - A Mindset Approach.”

Many people have tried slimming clubs, calorie counting and various diets which appear successful for a while, only to find that the weight creeps back on.  Diets have been shown not to work in the long term and most dieters struggle to sustain this restriction-based approach. We all know that surplus weight can have serious health consequences and maintaining a healthy weight can become a lifelong battle. However, we believe that whatever triggers your bad eating habits, you really can change the way you think about food, whilst still enjoying it: no more battling with temptation! Clients describe how their sweet tooth and/or unhealthy snacking habits disappear, leaving them with a relaxed, “take-it-or-leave it’ attitude to unhealthy foods and a far greater sense of control. 

The course consists of two face-to-face sessionsof an hour and a half each, followed by one further session or two scheduled phone calls (whichever you prefer) to help boost your motivation levels, arranged between us when you contact me and tell me you need them, within a year of your attending the course.  The course can be run as individual sessions, or small groups of up to 6 individuals.

There is also a Facebook closed groupfor people who have attended the course, for ongoing support and mutual encouragement. (Only those who have joined the page can see posts so there is a degree of privacy).

This ‘Mindset’ approach to weight loss is proving to be very effective for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists who run them across the country using this successful course template. Some of the attendees have written comments on various Facebook pages and below are just a few snippets, cut and pasted, with their permission. I have removed surnames:

Susan:“I can't recommend this short course highly enough. Find out WHY we eat too much, and the rest comes naturally.  My sleep has improved too, now that I am listening to the sound track every night.”


Charlotte:“Would really recommend this - it changed my mindset and has curbed my boredom eating!”


Jason:“Today I put on a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn for a year.  They fell down!  I have given up constantly buying snacks when I am driving all day.”


Gareth“This is a refreshingly straightforward and interesting course. Instead of talking about food and how to cheat your diet like so many slimming clubs, Sarah takes you on a journey into why we eat the way we do, and how to change that.  So many facts about it all made it quite riveting, and something positive to work with.  Watch my (ever decreasing) size.”


Karen: “The course was fun and taught me a lot.  I can’t imagine not using the sound track.  I love it.”


Lizzie:“The magic is still working after many weeks.  It is surreal!”


Millie:“Thank you Sarah. I lost 9lbs and have maintained that over the last month. I'm not dieting, just using my mindset and thought process and enjoying eating better food. I am so impressed with the help you have given me. I am now not food obsessed. I rely on my recording as it helps me to sleep too!”

More about the course:

  • I use a PowerPoint presentation and give handouts in each session. The presentation is interactive, relaxed, informative and fun!  

  • You will be provided with a relaxation & self-hypnosis audiorecording.

  • A few simple self-awareness (written) exercises will be provided to keep you focused and make you aware of how your mindset is changing.

  • There will be no weigh-ins or asking you to account for your eating.  

  • This is about mindset.  It is NOT about food and calories.

  • Workshops are open to men, women and teenagers (with parental consent if under 18).


Please note:  If you are very stressed or anxious, I strongly recommend a couple of private hypnotherapy sessions with me, in order to maximise the benefits of the course.  Please phone me to discuss.  

I do not advise you to attend this course if you have a history of a diagnosed eating disorder (e.g. Anorexia) or any medical condition for which weight loss would be inadvisable.  If in doubt, please ask your GP.

The scheduling of the face-to-face sessions (two weeks apart) allows your brain time to process and for you to put what you learn into practice.  

Reality check:  I do not make extravagant claims because you as an individual need to take some responsibility for the choices you make.  This is not a magic wand!  However, people who engage with the process, re-read the notes, do the self-awareness exercises and listen to the sound trackreport that their cravings reduce significantly, and they become much more able to make wise choices, so they feel calm, in control and happier as a result.  

Do bring a friend - mutual support is always helpful. 

If you introduce a friend, both you and them will be offered a £10 discount (and so on per number of friends).

If you would like to come along with your own private group of family or friends, I can arrange a course at a time that suits you.  The cost depends on the number of people attending.  One-to-one courses are always available.

What to do now: 

If you would like to enrol or ask further questions please phone me on 07876 642230  

Alternatively, if we have already spoken, you can reply to my email asking for a booking form (Fi’s, the booking form is attached to this email). Please include your phone number.


To secure your place on the course, please advise me you would like to take part, then return your booking form and make your payment as I work strictly on a first-come-first-served basis, in order to be fair to everyone.