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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by harnessing our ability to solve our own problems in the right environment. Change – even positive change - has long been recognised as challenging for many, particularly if change is imposed upon us, which often simply creates anxiety and stress 

Most of us find that we can make good decisions and choices, say or do the right thing and respond in the most constructive way possible when we are calm and focused. The same is rarely true when we are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. 

In Solution Focused therapy the focus is on what the client wants to achieve rather than on the problem that encouraged them to seek change. Rachel focuses the sessions in such a way that therapist and client work together to seek solutions to the client’s problem/s by using a series of technical questions. The sessions are light-hearted and upbeat, as the conversation is steered away from problem talk toward more productive discussion, which forms part of the therapy.

Solution Focused (SF) therapy tends to focus on the present and future rather than the past, and Rachel asks the client to try to imagine and then describe detailed imagery of their preferred future, beginning with: “what would be better if the problem had improved? “What would be different?” then eliciting more and more detail from them about what these changes look like in real terms. This generates a mental rehearsal for the client of possible solutions, a sort of practice run, signposting the desired positive outcome to the subconscious mind and usually clearing a pathway to it in real life.

Hypnosis or trance work forms the second half of each session and helps reinforce new, more constructive patterns of thought. Hypnosis is an entirely natural, normal state of focused concentration whereby peripheral awareness is somewhat reduced.  It's a state of slightly altered awareness which boosts confidence, reduces anxiety and can open up new, healthier neural pathways.  Trance is induced through a combination of relaxation and visualisation and, even for the ‘hard to hypnotise’, a highly beneficial state of deep relaxation can usually be achieved.  The subject is in control at all times.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works relatively quickly in comparison to psychoanalysis and other forms of therapy.  Most people suffering from anxiety, depression or related disorders can expect to notice change after the first two or three sessions. 

I offer a professional and caring relationship with all clients, adhering to the GDPR which protect your privacy and rights to confidentiality.

NB: I tend to work with children over the age of 14 years only.