Credit and Debit Cards, or cleared online bank transfers are accepted. 

Your course of Hypnotherapy will begin with the Initial Consultation. This is a no-committment meeting which provides an opportunity for me to learn what you hope to achieve from clinical hypnotherapy. I will also provide you with some general strategies and techniques for dealing with anxiety and stress and a link to a free relaxation and self-hypnosis recording. 

  • Initial Consultation = £45 

  • Daytime appointments (10 am - 4.45 pm) = £55.00 or £45 online

  • Evening appointments (5 pm to 6 pm) = £60 or £50 online

  • Smoking Cessation (2 x 1 hour sessions/1 x 2 hour session) = £110 or £90 online

How Many Sessions

The number of sessions will vary, but depends entirely on each client's sense of achieving their therapeutic goal or goals.. For some, this takes several sessions, for others, just one or two is enough.  SF Hypnotherapy works on the basis that the client, rather than the therapist, is the best judge of this.   


​To arrange a confidential Initial Consultation: phone/text on: 07876642230 or email

Please Note:

Missed appointments or appointments which are rescheduled with less than 24 hrs notice are chargeable at the full fee. This is to ensure fairness to other clients who may otherwise have made use of that appointment slot. (Exceptions may be made for emergencies, but this is discretionary.) Unfortunately any lateness cannot be accommodated by adding additional time to the end of the sessions due to the impact on other clients.




All Initial Consultation cost £45.  

In person session following the initial consultation cost £55.

Online sessions cost £45 

Smoking Cessation (double session of 1.5-2hrs) costs £110


I accept card payments as well as cash, or online banks transfers provided these are made in advance of the session:  

My bank details are:

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Account No: 79218849

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