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  • Rachel Crawford

Dry January now abit damp?

If you have got this far into January and remained alcohol-free, you should take a few moments to congratulate yourself on your achievement. Research shows that nearly half of all who participate in this increasingly popular New Year's resolution will have fallen by the middle of January according to a survey commissioned by Pharmacy2U which interviewed over 2,000 adults, Of those, under 25s were the least successful with 64 per cent admitting to having an alcoholic drink.

Saving a month off the ‘sauce’ really can help improve sleep, your hydration and even boost your mood, as well as saving you money and calories.  So whether you have avoided the trend completely or fallen off the wagon but still want to have a dry rest-of or maybe even a slightly less wet - January, he following may help:

  • Have a single-sentence 'affirmation' that sums up your reasons for stopping/reducing your intake, such as "I'll wake up fresh and energised every day".

  • Reframe the idea that you're removing something 'fun' from your life by bringing in something else positive instead,, such as a 20 minute exercise - or other self-care - practice.

  • Write down how much £££ you're saving each week.

  • Maintain your social interaction, but suggest a coffeehouse meet up to friends, or before going out to a bar, take a few moments to set your intent to drink just non-or low-alcoholic beverages, and look forward to how good you'll feel the next morning!

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