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  • Rachel Crawford

Live like it's spring

This is a quote from Lilly Pulitzer who wrote in full: "Despite the forecast, live like it's spring" and that seems to be a great reminder to us during the darker months to attempt to adopt those same feelings of head-up, forward-looking hopefulness that are so beneficial to our overall state of mind, It has been a particularly wet and dreary winter and I know that many have struggled through it somewhat. But rainclouds always pass and living a life which is fully contingent on the weather is likely to lead to disappointment. For all that, it is for most a mood booster to leave February behind and look ahead to a month enhanced by a long Bank Holiday weekend and the promise of brighter days.

We naturally associate spring with new beginnings and this isn't just cultural, it has evolutionary underpinnings: food became more plentiful and varied, the visible signs of abundance and growth taps into a primeval mental shift and motivates us to take positive action or set new goals. Sometimes we need a little help with this though and some encouragement to align our thought processes with the evidence around us of new life and new beginnings. Get in touch if you're feeling this might be useful to you.

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